Self-Acceptance is the Key to Self-Love

We each have had a wounded childhood. In order to feel safe, we learned to cover our true feelings. I taught myself so well that even today, although I was born in 1940, when I feel unsafe, I hold my face absolutely rigid so that my feelings can’t be “read” by others.

So our self-image is distorted from our childhood. We want to believe that the self-image that we are projecting to the world is our true self. But our true self knows that this image is not who we are. So until we allow these inner distortions to be healed we are living an inner battle.

90% of Americans have low self-esteem. Our self-esteem (how we value ourselves) is built on our distorted self-image. Self-esteem can only be strengthened by learning who we really are and then by healing our distorted self image.

“A veritable gold mine of possibilities is hidden within each of us-aptitudes, attitudes, characteristics, and traits that once may have been conscious, but for some reason slipped away or were pushed away into our unconscious. In addition, there is great potential within each of us that has never had the opportunity to see the light of day. William A. Miller

Because a lot of self-examination is purely mental, the first techniques for a stronger self-image are build on learning relaxation techniques. Stress is our reaction to changes happening around us. Because we are using much of our energy holding on to our faulty self-image, any trouble from outside ourselves uses up what little energy we have left.

In learning how to strengthen and develop your feelings of self-acceptance and self-worth, you will be learning how to use your energy in a positive way. You will love yourself better and others will want to learn how you did it.

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